Walt Disney met Ub Iwerks at Pesmin-Rubin Art Studio while employed there.
Together they founded Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists.
Fred Harman was his first employee, and helped open his entertainment company ‘Laugh-O-Grams’.
Roy Disney was Walter’s older brother. He gave him money to open a studio in Hollywood, titled ‘Alice Comedies’.
After the success of his penultimate art business, “Laugh-O-Grams”, Walt Disney had enough money to start his own business in Hollywood.
Lillian Bounds was the inker for Walt Disney’s cartoons.
They were married in 1927.
Pat Powers provided Disney with equipment to give his cartoons sound.
Herbert Calmus was the owner of Technicolor, and organized a deal to give the sole rights to Technicolor usage to Walt Disney.
Walt Disney with a group of friends, including Ub Iwerks