Process Paper

To begin, I chose Walt Disney as my individual in history because entertainment is one of my favorite subjects and I thought he was the perfect man to represent that. Then, I searched Google for Walt Disney biographies, and checked Just Disney and Wikipedia for general information. I came up with specific topics like Awards, Partners, and Quotes. I searched fofweb, read the TIME article, and Google for information on those topics. I decided on a website as my template because my first draft already had over 500 words, and I heard a website had a much higher word limit. I also like technology, and there are things you can do on a website that I am unable to do on a backboard, like animations or a forum. Mr. Topher showed me which is the site I used to create my website. I then pasted all my information onto the website, and went a little overboard with colored horizontal rules. My project is now almost complete, and I only need to revise it. I believe Walt Disney is an iconic individual in history because he revolutionized entertainment, and brought it into the 20th century. Everyone knows who he is, and this is because he has established a fame for himself by taking over his competitors, and building his empire to staggering proportions.
Walt Disney with a stuffed doll of Mickey Mouse